Q & A with Indian Producer Mohit Soni

The work of a producer brings to mind a rather widespread area of work in the film

industry and rightly so. A film producer’s job in reality includes an incredibly long

list of roles from the beginning phases of a production to its final distribution, and it takes a uniquely skilled individual to handle the arduous and ever-changing role of bringing a production to fruition.

Producer Mohit Soni is one of the rare individuals who seems to have been born for the job, the proof lay in the 30+ successful projects he’s produced since 2013.

Soni hails from Rajasthan, India, which translates roughly to ‘the land of kings,’ an appropriate name for a state that is filled to the brim with ornate palaces, forts, ancient art and a rich cultural history.

Like many hopeful producers just starting out, Soni got his feet wet in the industry by working as a production assistant, before taking on roles in the various other departments that contribute to a film production — experiences that have all lent themselves to his overall understanding of what goes into a production.

Since beginning his work as a producer several years ago, Soni has produced a broad range of content from multi-award winning films to commercials and music videos. Some of the projects he’s become known for include the comedy films “Blind Date,” “Hinjews” and “Limited edition,” the horror films “Tonton Macoute,” and “Behind you,” the dramatic films “All lives Matter,” “No war” and “Bridging colors,” as well as the period drama “Blood and Water” and the sci-fi film “Visitors.”

While he’s made a name for himself as a narrative film producer, he’s also enjoyed extensive success as a music video producer. Some of the music videos Soni has produced in recent years include Sapra’s “Ishq Nashila” and “Coco,” Kalax’s “Into the Midnight” and “Bang Bang” by The Revies.

Up next on Soni’s production slate is the release of the highly anticipated action film “Loss of Grace,” which set to be released by the end of 2019 in US and India, and stars Paul Logan (“Code Red,” “Days of Our Lives”), Jasmine Waltz (“Black Water”), Eric Gorlow (“Theatre Fantastique,” “Unreal Estate”) and Jordan Lawson (“Wasteland,” “Drug Lords”).

Make sure to check out our interview with producer Mohit Soni below~

Hey Mohit, thanks for joining us!

Can you start off by telling us how did you began working as a producer?

MS: I’ve worn multiple hats in the film industry. I started working as a production assistant and then slowly moved to camera and electric department. As I acquired all of the knowledge needed to run a successful production, and an understanding of all of the department involved in film productions and their job duties from development, pre-production, production and post-production, I started producing my own content and films. I also have a BFA in Filmmaking from world-wide prestigious film school New York Film Academy and have a background in commerce and entrepreneurship.

When did you discover your love for film and how did it affect you?

MS: I come from a family of artists and I’ve always had a passion for the arts. My love for film began when I first watched the film “Jurassic Park” directed by Steven Spielberg. It was like magic to my eyes. I decided then that I wanted to be a part of creating the surreal universes we see in movies.

When did you realize that working as a producer was the path for you?

MS: I always had a strong imagination. I can see the accomplished product in my head long before we jump into production. Social networking skills have always come naturally to me and I’m good at selling the vision. Once I started working on the movie “Hinjews,” which I directed and produced, I realized that I like putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and managing the numbers.

What made you choose to participate in the projects you’ve produced so far?

MS: I fell in love with the scripts and the concept behind them. I enjoy making movies for all kinds of audiences so I don’t limit myself to one genre…. I enjoy working with creative minds who are passionate about their craft and easy to get along. This is the most important part of it.

Why are you passionate about producing films?

MS: Every movie that I’ve produced came with its own adventure, both fun and challenging. I love putting the puzzle pieces together. Film producing can be a very challenging and intimidating task and it will test you in every way possible. You have to deal with a lot of personalities. You hear a lot of NO before you get a YES. But nothing makes me happier than when I see the script and all of the hard work come to life on screen. It’s rewarding… I also really enjoy being on set. The best case scenario for me is six months on set and six months in the office. You need to be a multi-tasker, a people person and a problem solver.

You get approached all the time to work on projects with people, what makes you pick one project over another?

MS: When it comes to picking up a project there are a lot of variables — such as the quality of the script. Good writing is crucial! It is the blueprint for the production. If the writing is not strong output won’t be strong and it will not be marketed or make money. I don’t like to waste anyone’s time or money if the script is not solid. Next is the filmmakers who are involved in it. If they are hard to deal with, no matter how great the script is, I would gladly reject it. I like to work with people who are like minded and easy to get long. You work long hours for many months, sometimes even years together. So it’s in everyone’s best interest to find people who have a similar vision as you before going into production. And then financing and budget.

What have been a few of your favorite projects so far and why?

MS: Every project I’ve done is unique in its own way. On the upcoming film “Loss of Grace” I enjoyed working with actor Paul Logan. It is an action-based detective story, and through producing this movie I’ve gained a lot of insight into shooting action films. It was the hardest movie to get made as we were shooting 7 to 10 pages of the script a day… At the end of it though, thanks to the team effort and everyone’s patience, we made it happen.

Another one of my favorite projects is “Hinjews,” a comedy with a cultural clash between Hindu and Jewish characters. We had a lot of fun working with the actors and I got to work with two-time Emmy Award winner Roger C. Ambrose.

“Blood and Water” was the interesting film as well. I worked with Pete Villani and his crew and we shot 7 pages a day. That was a daunting task as a lot of factors took place, such as detailed costumes, heavy makeup, and a lot of set lighting. We were shooting in a museum, so there were rules we had to follow, as all the items were antique and the art department had to be very cautious.

What would you say your strongest qualities as a producer are?

MS: I’m good with numbers and I’m always over prepared for all my shows. I follow Murphy’s law — anything that can go wrong will go wrong at the shoot. It’s always better for me to be over prepared than to be under prepared. I have the tendency to see all of the possible conflicts that may arise during production beforehand so that I’m prepared with solutions.

As I’ve worked various jobs throughout every department on a film production, I’m well aware of each of their workflow processes, the materials and equipments needed, the time they need and the resources required to run a successful production. All of this allows me to budget and manage the allotted time accordingly. And I know how to motivate the crew and keep them interested. It helps that I’m a people person and can speak their language.

What projects do you have coming up?

MS: I have a number of films lined up, one is another action feature with Dynamic Features, as well as several short films with Ox films, as well as with Paramore Entertainment. I will also be producing three music videos for the rapper Sapra.

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