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Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Posted on April 15, 2019, at 10:10 p.m. Maicel Clark Community Contributor

Are you a fan of movies? Do you watch them frequently? If you answered ‘yes’, you’re surely familiar with the whole industry and Hollywood’s biggest names and movie titles. But how familiar are you with the ingredients of a great movie? In truth, not all films, crew, and cast are the same. Some of them reach immense fame while others remain anonymous. This is because the popular ones unite certain elements you may not see at once but are there nonetheless. And in recent years we’re witnessing more and more great titles that are unique and manage to fill the cinemas, thanks to dedicated directors and producers like Mohit Soni, Steven Spielberg, and others. Now let’s see what they owe the movies’ success to!

Casting the Right Actors and Actresses

You’ll be surprised to hear how much time some casting processes last. Yes, some films get their cast in as short as a month and a half whereas others take multiple months. Mohit Soni, for instance, chose the Tot hero sisters for their iconic roles in ‘Blood and Water’, which will be released in 2020, after three months.

Usually, due to the demanding story lines and scripts, the selected people should have certain figures, be able to do some stunts, speak in accents, and similar details. That way they contribute to the making of a successful movie. Not to mention that if they blend in their role more, people will believe them and like them for that.

Connected to this are the make-up and costumes, which help the cast look in accordance with what they are acting.

Thinking of Compelling Plots and Timelines

Lately, the current and upcoming releases have interesting plots that capture the viewers’ attention. Starting from medieval twists to futuristic approaches, there’s something for everyone. What matters is to be able to take fans on a journey with many emotions and experiences through unpredictable scenes and dialogues. Plot twists are an asset, especially when filmmakers intend to keep you at the end of your seat all the time.

And the more controversial topics they cover, the more chances producers and directors have at winning critical awards and gaining recognition. As proof of this, producer Soni, for one, got such awards for multiple past movies. And people expect great things for his next release ‘Blood and Water’, as well.

Choosing Suitable Locations

Movies are no more filmed in one studio solely on a green background. Nowadays, the crew goes to great lengths to pick a location that’ll suit the story and make sense to the viewers.

Let’s take historical movies like ‘Blood and Water’, for example. Since their plot happens in the past, the producers have to look for locations that look like they come from that time. Of course, some of the places that match this are museums with various rooms inside.

The Future Is Bright

Finally, considering what has been filmed and what is yet to be shot, the future of the movie industry seems bright. Thanks to the big producer and director names that give their best to create movies the audiences love, there will be something interesting on the screens for years to come. Which movies are you excited to see in the following months and years?

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